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Minecraft Seed Showcase

Minecraft Bedrock seed showcase gives you 5 awesome new seeds to play with. I include the seed # and coordinates.

Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase

I decided to make a Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase video the first time I found an awesome seed, but not awesome enough to make an entire vid about. I end up with more than a few of those kind of seeds after searching for the best ones. So I decided that from now forward I would keep these seeds aside. Then when I have a few of them, I’d share them in one video and let people explore them on their own without providing the usual coordinates.

Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase

5 Part Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase Format

I decided to go with a video format where I countdown from 5 to the best seed that I have to share for this vid and I’ve decided I’ll stick with that format for now. I think its important to save the best for last because in Minecraft its really about what you are looking for or what you can envision. You can skip ahead to the “best one” but you might just miss what you are really looking for. I often have people ask me for specific things, like a certain number of witch’s huts near each other.

There might not be a ton of villages or structures on a seed, but it doesn’t mean its not what you might be looking for. I consider variety more important, and of course, the number of structures and the more rare biomes and resources at spawn is what increases a seeds rank. However if you are looking for something specific and maybe its that mushroom island at spawn, and nothing else is that important. Well I hope that the seeds you’ll find in my showcases will give you that.

Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase - More to Come

My first video worked out great! I feel like the 5 seeds are all super awesome and I’m glad I got to share them, since they would have gone to waste otherwise. I’m definitely going to stick with this platform, and so every once in a while I’ll do a new Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase, you can find the link to those vids below.

Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcases

Its October’s Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase and you’ll find 5 great seeds to choose…

My Minecraft Bedrock Seed Showcase includes 5 awesome seeds for you to play. Included is…

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