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Build Ideas Master List

Minecraft build ideas master list is a list of things for you to build in Minecraft including linking to some build ideas that have individual pages.

Minecraft building ideas and the build ideas master list is to help you get started creating in Minecraft by providing you with some genuine starting points. The list below should be inspiring enough so that you can begin imagining what your idea will look like. It also includes links to pages of things i've built and a gallery and/or video to help you with some extra inspiration.

Minecraft Build Ideas Master List


Minecraft Buildings

- Saloon (Country Bar)

- Dance Club

- Town Hall

- Library

- Casino

- Horse Race Track

- First Aid Building

- Security/Police Station

- Car Dealership

- Hospital

- Movie Theatre

- Church

- Cathedral

- Stadium

- Bowling Alley

Minecraft Restaurant and Dining Ideas

- BBQ House

- Veg Diner

- Sushi Bar

- Food Truck

- Drink Stand

- Coffee Shop

Minecraft Horse Race Track

Rides and Game Ideas

Minecraft Games

- Dots

- Checkers

- Maze

- Battle Arena

- Archery Range

- Paintball

- Eating Contest

Minecraft Rides and Attractions Ideas

- Funhouse

- Rollercoasters

- Minecraft Sinkhole

- Rainbow Waterslides

- Waterfall Mountain

- Ferris Wheel (down for maintenance)

- Merry Go Round

- Piggy Back Ride (with pigs on a track)

- Guessing Game

- Tunnel of Love

- Slimey Bouncey House

- Shootout

- Bumper Boats

- Ice Rink

- Racing Coasters (identical tracks for friends to compete on)

- Playground for kids

- Digging for Gold digsite

- Wall Climbing

- Lavaland

- Zoo

- Sky Tower with Sky Jump

- the Boat Ride

Minecraft Rides and Games
Rainbow Waterslides

Minecraft Decorations


- Fountains

- Large Minecart

- Plants

- Lamps

- Fish Tanks

- Clocks

- Pool Table

- Piano

- Fireplace

- Mailbox

Minecraft Sculptures

- Snowman

- Butterfly

- Heart

- Torch


Minecraft Houses and Furniture

House Designs

- X Shaped House

- Cake Shaped House

- Castle

- Barn

House/Room Ideas

- Kitchen

- Closets

- Bathrooms

- Living Room

- Dining Room

- Great Room

- Bedrooms

- Spa

- Indoor Swimming Pool

- Greenhouse


Furniture and Decorations

- Tables and Seating: Couch, Dining Table

- Bedroom

- Beds

- Dressers

- Fridge & Other Appliances

- Cabinets, Shelving, & Pantry

- Entertainment (tv, pool table)

- Decorations

- Ceiling Fan

- Lighting

Most Recent Build Idea Posts

The Minecraft Sinkhole ride is a scary claustrophobics nightmare and is a must have for your theme park or surprise room twist. See it for yourself with pictures and vids.

Description: Minecraft shootout is a game where 2 people race to kill all of the pigs in their pen to determine who the winner is. Check out what I’ve made to get ideas so you can make it yourself.

The Minecraft Boat Ride is a fun amusement park ride that you can really use! Learn how to make it yourself with photo and video.

Check out my version of Minecraft Rainbow Waterslides and tutorial on how to make them yourself. Slide down them in a boat and its like a real ride.

Check out my gallery of easy to create Minecraft Maze's and find tips on making your own awesome maze.

The Minecraft Fun House I made is colourful, large, and full of twists and turns. Use it for inspiration to build your best, most fun, fun house.

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Village Mineshaft Spawn Seed MAR 2019
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