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About Tanisha's Craft

This website is created and updated by myself, Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, a gamer, youtuber, writer, and Entrepreneur. Minecraft has been a go to, favourite game for quite a few years now. I enjoy playing both creative and survival games. I was looking for seeds for a new survival game a while back and I was disappointed at what I found. Since I was seed hunting for myself anyway, I decided to give creating youtube videos a try. Its evolved to what it is today, which is regularly posting seeds weekly on my youtube channel, Tanisha Eileen.

I also really enjoy being creative and making new things, and that goes beyond just Minecraft. In game, I have a ton of awesome creative builds I’ve made. I love that my website and youtube are essentially a repository for my Minecraft shenanigans. I love that I have these platforms to share what I’ve made with you.

A Little About Tanisha

Aside from my love of Minecraft, I have a love for animals, especially dogs, cooking, travelling, and I crave knowledge in all areas of life. I have a passion and desire to help people live better, more enjoyable lives.


Please be sure to check out the privacy policy if you have any questions about the collection of your data on TanishasCraft.com. You can also use the contact form to get in touch. I check the form weekly and will try to respond to you as soon as possible but please give me 2-4 weeks to respond.

I hope you enjoy this website and are able to find the next greatest seed for your realm or get some inspiration for your next greatest build!

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