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Minecraft Zoo

My Minecraft Zoo design helps you envision how to do it, hopefully giving you all of the inspiration you need to create your own.

Minecraft Zoo

Making a Minecraft Zoo in either creative or survival mode becomes like a must do once you realize how easy and conducive the game really is to one. First of all, you can control almost all of the animals, so why would you want to put them on display or let them free in the kid friendly petting zone?

Minecraft Zoo Tanisha's Craft

Looking back at my own zoo I almost feel as if I should have made it like, twice its size. Since this is just a game I can deal, but truthfully I’m not particularly supportive of overcrowding animals in small cages. However why not have them on display in Minecraft, neatly labelled, with food stands on the side for maximum enjoyment.

How to Recreate a Minecraft Zoo

Basically you have to enclose the animals in a pen, made of whatever material you choose. If you don’t use a fence then you should make your pen at least 2 blocks high because animals can jump over 1 block. Make sure to keep your pens smaller than 18x18, since animals can de-spawn if kept in larger spaces.

Tanisha’s Craft Zoo

Get creative with it, be decorative, and make sure you think about the needs of the animals if you want to be realistic. For example be sure to use taiga trees in your polar bear pen and jungle trees and bamboo with your panda’s. Check out one of my all biome seeds for the Minecraft Bedrock version in order to find a seed where you can find all of the biomes and therefore all of the animals spawning reasonably close to each other.

Tanisha's Craft - Zoo Gallery

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