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Small Island Spawn Seed July 15 2018

Small island spawn seed found july 15 2018 is a great seed for playing an epic survival game or for exploring the aquatic update.

Small Island Spawn Seed July 15 2018

What makes this seed special is that its Island seed which can be great fun for a survival game or if you’re looking to build over water. It is also awesome to showcase what the aquatic update has to offer including many shipwrecks, underwater ruins, coral reefs, and so much more. I include coordinates for all of those things and more below, but don’t hesitate to share any coordinates you find in the comments.

What I love the most about this seed is that there is a lot of desert islands as well so you have easily accessible sand for making glass. I love glass over water. I think you can create fun and beautiful structures if you use a lot of glass. Building over water is also a bit more fun with glass. Surviving on an island is fun but make sure you are well hidden at night time because with the introduction of water zombies you’ll not be safe even in the water anymore.

Small Island Spawn Seed July 15 2018

Small Islands Spawn Seed July 15 2018 

Seed: -1889040941

World Type: Infinite

Found: July 15, 2018

(Xbox, iOS, Android, Kindle, Oculus/Gear VR, Nintendo Switch, Fire TV, Windows 10, Phone and Windows 10 PC)



1778, 70, 4

Coordinates within approx. 2000 blocks from spawn:

Lg Oak Village

2911, 68, -1545

2nd Lg Oak Village with a Blacksmith

2771, 69, -1836


Ocean Monument

1255, 61, 710


Underwater Ruins with Chest

1346, 48, 212

1765, 44, 601

1018, 34, 419



1827, 43, 402

2nd Shipwreck with chest

1660, 53, 351

1457, 48, 508

1329, 48, 539


Coral Reef

1281, 55, 140

More Coral Reef

1863, 57, 853

1189, 55, 780


Pumpkin Patch

1799,63, -402

1493, 61, -269


Ice plains and ice field

765, 68, 127

3565, 80, -1115



75, 87, 1980


Coordinates Further than 2000+ blocks:

Spurce Village with Blacksmith

-2368, 70, 4479

Oak Village with a Church, Blacksmith

-3775, 80, 6028

Oak village with a Blacksmith

-4124, 64, 6487

Igloo with a basement

-2941, 71, 4829


Jungle biome

-1475, 73, 3836


Ice Plains Spikes

-2543, 71, 4644


Woodland Mansion

-5918, 67, 13340



The End Portal

2909, 39, -1492


2910, 37, -1517


The End

Small End City

1030, 61, -534

End City

1012, 61, -1235

End City and Ship

413, 64, -1539

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