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Minecraft Rides and Games

Find Minecraft rides and games ideas and links to some of my personal creations for extra inspiration.

Minecraft Rides and Games

Making your own Minecraft rides and games is one of the fun and most creative ways that people enjoy the game and I have tons of ideas for you to enjoy. There are those out there who work hard to make creative interactive maps so that you and your friends can have a completely unique experience in MC. I share some ideas for you to recreate in Minecraft so you and your friends can play on rides and games together that you built yourself.

Minecraft Rides and Games ideas

Minecraft Rides and Games Ideas List


Boat Ride

I was inspired by a ride at the local theme park to make this. You sway back and forth like a boat in the ocean.

Bouncy Castle

Exactly as its name describes, enter the bouncy castle and have tons of bouncing fun!

Bumper Boats

This requires two players. See if you can gain some speed and break someone’s boat before they do yours.


The rules of checkers is pretty simple and to create a checkers board is also pretty simple. All you need are to two different color blocks for your pieces and voila!

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall is as is describes, with a fun firework display to set off for reaching the top.


Dots is an old school game that can be played on MC or using paper and a pen. The map consists of a bunch of dots and each person takes turns drawing a line…

Dragons Nest Rollercoaster

This rollercoaster is somewhat short and sweet, but its built around a dragon and its nest.

Eating Contest

This is a functional game, see who can eat their food the quickest!


My funhouse is massive and full of various fun activities. See it and get inspired to make your own.


A maze might seem difficult to create at first but once you get the basics down its easy to make winding passages and a fun maze that keeps players entertained, and lost.

Rainbow Waterslides

Rainbow waterslides don’t just look good, they can be fun also. Use a boat to go down these slides.


Shootout is a 2 player game, you race to kill all your pigs first! Requires a little setup by the players but fun nonetheless.


This ride has you walking into a building where you fall into a sinkhole and have to figure your way out.

Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love is a lovely float for 1 but also for 2! Its exactly as described. I decorated mine with lots of hearts.

Waterfall Mountain

Waterfall mountain is a 2 part ride, the climb to get to the top and then the boat ride down waterfalls to get back to the bottom.

More Minecraft Ride and Game Ideas

- Battle Arena

- Archery Range

- Paintball

- Ice Rink

- Racing Coasters(identical tracks for friends to compete on)


- Earthquake

- Ferris Wheel (down for maintenance)

- Merry Go Round

- Piggy Back Ride (with pigs on a track)

- Guessing Game


- Playground for kids

- Digging for Gold digsite

- Lavaland

- Petting Zoo

- Sky Tower with Sky Jump

Don’t hesitate to check out each page I have created where I include not only game rules, but information on how to build these games yourself. As always, happy crafting!

Rides and Games Ideas by Tanisha Eileen

Minecraft Waterfall Mountain is a ride that is fun to make, beautiful to look at, and fun to ride. You must see the pics and video to get a true idea of its awesomeness.

The Tunnel of Love is a cute way to romantically travel down a river with another crafter or by yourself. Check out my design to get an idea.

The Minecraft Sinkhole ride is a scary claustrophobics nightmare and is a must have for your theme park or surprise room twist. See it for yourself with pictures and vids.

Description: Minecraft shootout is a game where 2 people race to kill all of the pigs in their pen to determine who the winner is. Check out what I’ve made to get ideas so you can make it yourself.

The Minecraft Boat Ride is a fun amusement park ride that you can really use! Learn how to make it yourself with photo and video.

Check out my version of Minecraft Rainbow Waterslides and tutorial on how to make them yourself. Slide down them in a boat and its like a real ride.

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