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Oak Village Near Spawn Seed Jan 6.18

Oak Village Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft bedrock/better together version. Find +10 Village Cords and so much more.

Oak Village Near Spawn Seed JAN 6 2018

This oak village near spawn seed is awesome because you spawn in am assive plains biome with that village close by. I actually include coordinates for 10 villages total and so there is a ton of villages for you to pillage! you'll also find a lot of swampland close by which is always really nice. I personally love swampland.

Village Spawn Seed Jan 6 2018

Coordinates for 10 villages, 3 Mineshafts, 2 Ocean Monuments, Mesa Biome, Ice Spikes Field, Witch’s Hut, Woodland Mansion, and more. Infinite World, Infinite Possibilities. 

Oak Village Near Spawn Seed JAN 6 2018

Remember when you are creating this seed you need to input the seed # including the "-" if there is one. You also need to match the world type so that everything will come through exactly the same as I present it here. If you don't use the same map size I can't guarantee structures will be there. I also include dates since the seeds change when the game is updated. I just post new seeds instead of updating older seeds because of game updates. However seeds don't actually always change that much. I recommend if you really like an older seed, load it in creative first and check if what you really want is there.

Oak Village Near Spawn Seed JAN 6 2018

Seed:  -784608228

World Type: Infinite

Found: January 6, 2018


19, 64, 3


Village Locations:


1st Village, Oak, Near Spawn

28, 69, 147


2nd Village, Oak Near Spawn

726, 68, 40


3rd Village, Spruce

16, 84, 738


4th Village, desert with a church

43, 68, 1615


5th Village, Spruce with Blacksmith (near ice field, ice plains biome)

-2138, 64, 7953


6th Village, Oak with Church

-5034, 63, 10488


7th Far Village, Desert (closer to Woodland Mansion)

-17056, 95, 18765


8th Village, Oak right beside Desert Village (near woodland mansion)

-16899, 119, 18784


9th Village, Oak near Ravine

-15583, 65, 17051


10th Village, Oak with a Church

-3613, 68, 10612


Other Locations:


Witch’s Hut

-412, 66, 129


5+ Pumpkins

-446, 63, 122


Ocean Monument

-251, 61, 3350


2nd Ocean Monument

-4394, 61, 11481


Ravine with Diamonds at the bottom (and lava)

-339, 12, -821

Mineshaft in Ravine Near Desert Village

-3, 25, 1681


2nd Mineshaft In Ravine

-1342, 30, 379


3rd Underground Mineshaft

Spider Spawner

698, 5, 1150

703, 11, 1152



716, 10, 1158

751, 11, 1135

1 diamond block

743, 11, 1159

Dungeon (spider spawner)

712, 18, 1138


Woodland Mansion

-17477, 85, 19677


Ice Field

-2462, 70, 8095



-12363, 76, 13444


Flower Field

-5410, 81, 9853


Igloo with no basement

545, 63, 1213




Swamp Biome Near Spawn

146, 63, -244


Mesa Biome

-6125, 68, 8799


The End Stronghold


End Portal

-4213, 17, 11890



-4229, 26, 11954

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