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3 Jungle Temples Spawn Dec 15 2018

This jungle biome spawn seed includes 3 jungle temples near spawn and 2 dungeons with 2 zombie spawners near spawn, one on top of the other.

3 Jungle Temples at Spawn Seed

I am trying to find a few awesome new seeds for Minecraft Better Together and the Xbox One Edition before Christmas day. I know a lot of people have time off during this time and might want to start a new game. I’ll be keeping my eye out as usual for a new seed with tons of villages but I judge my seeds and their worthiness for sharing based on what I find at spawn so if I found something unique like this seed is I’ll definitely share it.

Jungle Spawn Biome Seed

This seed is unique because you spawn in a massive jungle biome with 3 jungle temple’s close to spawn and 2 dungeons with zombie spawners, one on top of the other. I also include coordinates for a couple of villages, the stronghold and end portal. There are cords for other random things like treasure maps, biomes, etc.

3 Jungle Temples at Spawn Seed

3 Jungle Temples at Spawn Seed


World Type: Infinite

Found: December 15, 2018

Bedrock/Better Together Version (Xbox, iOS, Android, Kindle, Oculus/Gear VR, Nintendo Switch, Fire TV, Windows 10, Phone and Windows 10 PC)

Seed Gallery


0, 64, 4


Close to Spawn

3 Jungle Temples

101, 69, 35

6, 70, -220

-283, 67, 67


2 Dungeons near spawn (one on top of the other) Zombie Spawners

96, 35, -27

99, 28, -24



43, 11, -261

Coordinates within approx. 2000 blocks from spawn:


-909, 68, -2174 (near igloo)


Igloo (no basement) near Village

-1020, 68, -2035


Underwater Ruins w/Treasure Map

-341, 49, 434


Shipwreck w/ Treasure Map

183, 48, 226



-467, 60, 306


Pumpkin Patch

256, 70, -397



468, 27, -157

-963, 13, -2229(near village -909, 68, -2174)



Spruce/Taiga biome

-455, 73, -989

Birch Forest

-481, 78, -1237

Ice Plains

-696, 72, -1606

Coordinates Further than 2000+ blocks:


Village w/Church, Blacksmith (Ice Plains) Above Stronghold

-1584, 64, -2850




-1602, 23, -2864

2 Chests

-1589, 33, -2872


-1635, 33, -2892

The End Portal

-1611, 35, -2846



The End


-1010, 76, 2

End City

110, 73, -1215

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