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Fun House

The Minecraft Fun House I made is colourful, large, and full of twists and turns. Use it for inspiration to build your best, most fun, fun house.

The funhouse is an amusement park must have for you and your friends to enjoy. There are lots of different things you can do with a funhouse. I had a few ideas at first, like I envisioned somehow creating upside down furniture like you would find in a real fun house. I didn’t do that here, but it would be easy by placing stairs for chairs or couches and pistons for tables on the ceiling. I think it turned out great anyway not only because of its sheer size but the amount of activities and levels to get through.

I love to use lots of bright colours in my builds in general but it really lends well to a funhouse. Bright colours including a rainbow effect will make your funhouse well, more fun.

How to Build the Minecraft Fun House

The Snowball Escape - Floor One

In order to start the ascent in my funhouse, you need to go through the snowball escape. This was created by placing a rainbow path with a pressure plate to trigger dispensers full of snowballs on either side of you. As you walk or run down the hall your pelted with snowballs. They do not actually harm you, but its still fun! You could put instant damage potions in their for a more fearful escape.

Find the Lever Floor Two

In order to get to the next level on this floor your having to find the right lever that opens the door on the opposite side of the room. The catch is that there are quite a few levers and pressure plates so it might take you a moment. I make some of the pressure plates open the door just to confuse players a little bit, because they’re to far to make it thru.

Maze Floor Three

Our third floor is a maze that you need to find your way out of to get to the next level. A maze is easy to create when you have a defined space to work within. Create a winding path to the exit and make sure to throw in a few paths that take you nowhere quick.

Entangled Climb Floor Four

This floor was created by placing criss crossing rows of blocks all the way up to the ceiling and then carving out a path to the end. I started by placing a row of blocks every other space one way, and then doing the same thing the opposite way one block higher.

Rainbow Path Floor Five

The rainbow path was made by first placing a winding path of carpets down to give you something to work with. I then followed this path by placing different colour wool blocks on either side, of all different heights. Then I got rid of the second block from the floor so you could see through the entire path.

Minecraft Fun House

Guess the Door Floor Six

Guess the door is just a maze of doors and rooms that either lead to the right way, or the wrong way! These doors are automatic and take you on a small journey to the other side.

Bouncy Heaven Floor Seven

I decided to make the entire top floor into a bouncy castle. You can just play around on it when you reach the top or attempt the bouncy path to get to the rollercoaster to exit.

Exit - Rollercoaster and Bounce

To give my bouncy house some extra pizazz, to exit you must first take a rollercoaster that circles the outside of the building a few times (or more). Then you must jump from bouncy platform to the next, all the way to the bottom.


I included a larger corner space that goes from the 1st floor to the 7th as a added extra. I called it the top climb because it takes you to the top. You jump from wool block to the next, using trap doors to help you climb.

There is also a “jungle gym” in the corner on the 1st floor, like for smaller kids. Its tunnels built 3x3 with colourful wool blocks of course.

Minecraft Fun House Gallery

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