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Flower Power

The Minecraft Flower Power building is an easy build to recreate and its super cute. I include tons of photos of my Flower Power deco.

Minecraft Flower Power Building

The Minecraft Flower Power Building originally began as an idea for a large building but it turned into what I now refer to as Rainbow City. I started to build this large flower top over this sinkhole and just kept building from there. I documented what I was doing with the flower power building itself which you can see in the gallery below. You’ll see the basic design which you can have fun by either recreating what I’ve done or doing something similar with your own variation.

Minecraft Flower Power Building

Minecraft Flower Power Building

I chose to be colourful and go for random looks and feel because that is what I personally like. You don’t have to go for a rainbow design, you can choose to stick with one or two petal colours. You can make yours longer or smaller. You can also divide your petals into rooms, which I didn’t do. Regardless of what you decide, you can see that the Minecraft Flower Power build is an easy, pretty, fun one. It is also quite lovely from an aerial view.

Since you don’t really get the overtop view when you play in survival mode, for some, this might seem like a better build for creative mode. However you can always try building this flower so its upwards facing which wouldn’t be much of a challenge since it’s a fairly square piece. If you choose to do that, I recommend building the middle first and just making sure you leave enough room from underneath the middle for large, long pedals so you can create a large space.

The Stem

The nice thing about this build is that it is really large so the stem needed to be large and long as well. This means that it acts as a nice road or pathway. As you can see I built a village area at the end of my stem so the path takes you somewhere. I made the village mostly in a dark brown wood von purpose, because its similar to soil.

For the leaf I added a darker brown to symbolize the roots, and I just made sure the roots were random, some were short and some were long. I went ahead and converted my leaf into a place to park your horse, with a few fence posts at the ends of each of the roots.

Flower Power Building Gallery

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